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Lot 233: 1992 Lola T92/10 Group C Sports Prototype

Sports, Touring, Historic Road and Racing Cars, Coys (30 April 2006)

Established in 1958 by Eric Broadley MBE, Lola is proud to be Great Britain's longest-serving manufacturer of racing cars. After an extraordinary rise to prominence in which it mastered all spheres of the sport from humble club classes to Formula 1, and endurance sports racers to Indycars, Lola has continually been at the forefront of the worldwide motorsport industry. Its enviable position has been consolidated under the ownership of Martin Birrane since 1997 with the introduction of advanced technologies to keep its products winning in the 21st century. Drivers of Lola cars scored points in the FIA Formula 1 World Championship from the marque's debut season in 1962. Lola's roll of honour also includes no fewer than nine CART/OWRS championship titles, three Indianapolis 500 wins and the 1978 USAC Triple Crown, eight US/European/Tasman Formula 5000 titles, victory in the 1963 Monaco Formula Junior Grand Prix, the inaugural Can-Am Challenge series of 1966, the 1969 Daytona 24 Hours, the 1973 European 2-litre Sportscar Championship, five successive Can-Am titles, eight Japanese Formula 3000 crowns, numerous FIA International F3000 championships and three Sports Car Championships in 2001 alone. Additionally, Lolas have carried amateur and professional competitors to countless championships and race victories on every major continent.John McNeil and McNeil Engineering have been actively involved with design, engineering and preparation of racing cars since 1980 with a particular emphasis on Le Mans and sports prototypes. McNeil prepared cars have finished 2nd and 3rd in class at Le Mans, have finished 2nd in the World Sportscar Championship, have won rounds of the Supercup and have also won the Interseries and BRDC sportscar championships. McNeil Engineering also created the Nasamax project; designing and delivering the first ever car to finish the Le Mans 24 hours using a renewable fuel. John McNeil and Wiet Huidekopper (The designer of the Lola T9210) have known and worked together, on and off, since 1981. Wiet is rightly proud of the T9210 and retains a keen interest in the car. (Wiets CV available on request, he designed the Porsche GT1 Le Mans car and the Dallara Le Mans prototype) Major involvements are listed below1980/1 Porsche 935 K3/Tbird Swap Shop/Le Mans1981 BMW M1 and Ferrari 512 LM/Le Mans 1982 Porsche 956/Tbird Swap Shop/Le Mans1983 Porsche 962/Tbird Swap Shop/Le Mans1984 Tiga SC84/Tim Lee Davey/Gary Brabham/Uk Thundersports1984 Chevron B27/Duncan Bain Uk Thunderports1985 Tiga GC84/Tim Lee Davey/Le Mans and Uk Thundersports1986 Tiga GC84/Le Mans 1987 Tiga GC287/Duncan Bain & Neil Crang/Le Mans1988 Tiga GC287/Tim Harvey & Chris Hodgetts/Le Mans and BRDC series Tiga SC86/Andrew McAlpine Tiga GC287/Robbie Stirling1989 Spice 88C/Don Shead/Tiga GC287 Robbie Stirling/Spice 89C Tim Harvey & Lawrence Bristow/Le Mans/BRDC series/Interseries/Supercup1990 Spice 89C/Shead/Le Mans/Interseries/UK F3000 Shead 1991 UK F3000 Stirling/Le Mans Courage 90/Tiga GC289 Interseries1992 Tiga GC289 Interseries/Spice 89C Interseries 1993 Lola Can Am (McNeil Conversions) Interseries/F30001994 Lola Can Am/Jordan 191 Can Am/Interseries/F30001995 Lola T9210 Interseries/F30001996 Lola T9210 Interseries/Project design work Marcos LM6001997 Lola T9210 Interseries1998 ISRS series1999 Design and build of the Ascari A410 Le Mans prototype2000 Ascari A410/Le Mans and ISRS 2001 Ascari A410/Le Mans Le Mans series/Lola T9210 Interseries2002 Euro Boss/Reynard Champ car 2003 Design and build of Nasamax Le Mans prototype (Cosworth Version)/Sebring/Le Mans Le Mans series/ Euro Boss/Reynard Champ car2004 Design and build of Nasamax DM139 Judd powered bio fuel Le Mans prototype Le Mans and Le Mans series 2005 Design of Nasamax DM140 Le Mans prototype/Formula RenaultPurchased new from Lola in 1995 and fitted with Judd 4 litre V10: GV4001. This car has been raced throughout Europe since 1995 under the experienced hand of Robbie Stirling. When a Lola piloted by Mr Stirling appears on the grid, you can usually guess who will occupy the top spot on the podium at the end of the race. It proceded to win the Interseries championship twice with full documentation on its position and qualifying available by request. The car is completely rebuilt to show condition and is fully race prepared. It comes complete with a huge selection of spares and tooling, again full listing is availble as well as a fully documented history and set up data. This car is probably the fastest historic Group C car available and is offered in white ready for any future sponsorship or livery arrangements. Engineering support can be offered to the purchaser.

Lot Details
Auction Sports, Touring, Historic Road and Racing Cars
Coys, Donington Park Grand Prix Circuit
Lot Number233
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Registration number
Chassis numberHU 003
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