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Lot 047: c.1970/199 FERRARI 246 DINO '206 SP' RECREATION

An Auction Of Fine Collectors' Motor Cars, H&H Sales Limited (16 April 2008)

In the mid-1960s, challenged by Ford on the track, Ferrari retaliated with a series of Sports Prototypes which were arguably the most beautiful sports racing cars ever made. First seen in 1964, the 330P was to evolve over the following two years ultimately becoming the sensuous Drogo-built 330 P3 in 1966. At the same time Ferrari introduced the 206S, basically a scaled down version of the P3 on a shorter wheelbase. Like its big sister, the 206S was bodied by Drogo but featured a 2-litre 65-degree V6 engine originally designed by Vittorio Jano and championed by Enzo's son, Alfredo - known as Dino. Needing to build at least 500 units in order to meet the FIA's requirement for Formula 2, this ingenious engine was also seen in road cars including Ferrari's and Fiat's Dino sports cars and ultimately went on to power the Lancia Stratos. Ferrari had intended to build 50 cars in order to enter the current FIA Group 4 series but financial difficulties led to only 18 examples ever being produced. Thus, what had begun as the Dino 206'S' (for Sport), became the Dino 206 'SP' (for Sports Prototype). This Dino 206 SP Recreation started life as a Dino 246 road car and was beautifully transformed in the early 1990s with much effort being given to make it as similar as possible to one of the original sports racers. It sits on original-type 206 SP magnesium wheels and has an original-style oil cooler and radiator. The front and rear suspension are similar to that of a Dino 246 but have been modified to suit the SP Recreation, correct SP headlights are fitted and the wheelbase has been lengthened by 100mm. The interior has been trimmed in quilted red leather, again with authenticity in mind, the correct-type Veglia instruments have been installed and the windows and both screens have been produced from lightweight Perspex. Mechanically, an original aluminium 2-litre V6 engine with tubular exhaust has been installed, sitting longitudinally rather than transversely and coupled to a 5-speed UN1 transaxle with inboard rear brakes. Triple 40 DCNF Weber carburettors ensure rapid acceleration. It is believed by the vendor that twin fuel cells have been installed either side of the engine bay. Understood to be in "good condition throughout", the two-seater reportedly competed in the 1994 Kitzbuheler Alpen Rallye and in the 2006 Credit Suisse Goodwood Rally. Currently being UK road-registered, this sensational '206 SP' Recreation is expected to have a valid MOT certificate by time of sale and offers enormous entertainment at a fraction of the cost of an original example. PLEASE NOTE: This lot has not been UK road registered and is not accompanied by a valid MOT certificate.n

Lot Details
Auction An Auction Of Fine Collectors' Motor Cars
H&H Sales Limited, Buxton
Lot Number047
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating
Registration numberT.B.A.
Chassis number01508
Engine numberNOT STATED
Engine capacity (cc)2000
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors