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Lot 01: Clubman F750

Car, H&H Sales Limited (13 March 2010)

Formula 750, one of the foundation stones of British motor racing, was devised in 1949 by Holly Birkett of the 750 Motor Club as a way for the impecunious to get on to the tracks, beginning with power from the humble Austin Seven 747cc sidevalve engine. The 750MC had been formed in the spring of 1939 to promote the use of the Austin Seven in road and trials events, and its past members' list is a who's-who of British motor racing genius, from Colin Chapman to Adrian Reynard. The Formula 750 rules call for a two-seater (just!) that currently must use either the Reliant 850cc engine, a descendant of the Austin 7 unit, or the 1108cc Fiat 'FIRE' engine, both regulated to make roughly similar power. Suspension and brakes are effectively free, though cars must use a live rear axle, usually BMC. With 65-70bhp powering 350kgs, they lap most circuits at 85-95mph and the 750MC promotes a race series of 14 rounds at various circuits, each of about 15 laps.

Though constructors such as Mallock made their name producing clubman's racers many competitors chose to design their own machines. The vendor considers it likely but not certain that this particular example was home-built sometime between 1970 and 1975. Of spaceframe construction, it is powered by the Reliant engine with regulation single carburettor. The seller describes the body as "sound and undamaged" and the paint as "tired, but OK", the engine as "excellent", four-speed manual transmission as "good", electrical equipment as "OK" and the trim as "very basic", adding: "This car appears to conform to the current regulations except for the bulkhead which separates the driver from the engine. It is set-up for hillclimbs and sprints, and its last known event was in 1983. In 2009 it was recommissioned with new brake shoes, and carburettor diaphragm and was tested but never raced. It is a very well engineered car with 'Alfin' type brake drums all round and the builder clearly knew what he was doing". The car is understood to be potentially eligible for Class C pre '74 750 Formula events of the 750MC subject to a thorough checkover and any necessary recommissioning.

Lot Details
Auction Car
H&H Sales Limited, Stoneleigh Park
Lot Number01
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£1870
Condition rating0
Registration number
Chassis number
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)850
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors