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Lot 05: Westfield Eleven Sports

Car, H&H Sales Limited (13 March 2010)

Westfield founder, historic grand prix competitor and engineer Chris Smith, built his first XI in 1982 as a faithful copy of the Lotus Eleven, Colin Chapman's clever and very slippery sports-racer. Designed in 1956 by Chapman and clothed in a sleek aerodynamic body penned by Frank Costin, it was as advanced as anything on the race tracks. Of around 270 built in the two years to 1958, around 200 still exist and are at the forefront of historic racing today. Such was the accuracy and beauty of the car that Smith produced in his home garage at Westfield House, Armitage, he was immediately inundated with requests from enthusiasts wanting one for themselves, so in 1983 he formed Westfield Sportscars and put the XI into production in kit form. As the major components came from the MG Midget including engine, gearbox and back axle, Westfield XIs retained the donor Midget's chassis number and identity. Twenty years later, after concentrating on its 7SE model, the company relaunched the XI. In 2006, company ownership transferred to Potenza Sports Cars and production is still going strong.

In 2008, to celebrate 25 years in business, it built 25 built Jubilee editions; this is number four. This car has been beautifully created on a spaceframe chassis as per the originals, with aluminium lower panels, and is fully trimmed in red vinyl and carpet. Its sleek and aerodynamic British Racing Green glassfibre body is perfectly set off by the Minilite-type alloy wheels, yellow painted in homage to the 'wobbly web' wheels of the lauded originals, and four-point harness are fitted. The 1275cc A-series engine breathes through a twin-choke Weber and K&N filter, promising far more power than the 65bhp original. Describing the Eleven as being in "excellent" condition with regard to its engine, gearbox, electrical equipment, interior trim, bodywork and paintwork, the vendor adds: "This car is absolutely pristine. Great to drive to the pub or to race meetings, or use for track days. Much cheaper than a C or D-type replica - and definitely cheaper than an original Lotus Eleven, which are currently �80,000-100,000".

Lot Details
Auction Car
H&H Sales Limited, Stoneleigh Park
Lot Number05
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£16500
Condition rating0
Registration numberBWP840M
Chassis numberSA9W11W18X039049
Engine number1553
Engine capacity (cc)1275
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors