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Lot 165: Brutsch Mopetta

Fine Motor cars incl. The Jaguar Legend, Coys (14 July 2012)

Egon Br�tsch decided he would build the world's smallest car for the 1956 IFMA (International Bicycle and Motorcycle Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany).

It was an egg-shaped, single-seat, three-wheeled microcar. A single wheel was in the front. The car was only 67 inches long. There were negotiations with Opel to distribute the car, but only sales brochures were produced. While he had time to attach the wheels for the IFMA Exhibition, he did not find time to sort out the mechanicals, so the Mopetta was placed high up for display so that this was not an issue.

After much interest at the IFMA from several countries, Br�tsch began to actually set about to make the Mopetta work and fitted a 50cc ILO motor with kickstarter to it. Since the body was Fiberglas, Br�tsch hit upon the idea of also marketing the vehicle as a boat.

The fact that it was not watertight did not discourage him in the least. Publicity photos were taken apparently showing the Mopetta crossing a stream, but in reality, the water was perhaps only a few inches deep at the most.

Georg von Opel planned to build the Mopetta at the HOREX factory to sell it as the Opelit at his OPEL dealership, but he lost interest in 1958 and only 14 units were ever built.

This particular car, of which there are very few left in existence, is a delight for any enthusiast or collector. It also allegedly completed the slowest ever lap at the Goodwood Revival! A rare and interesting micro car which will intrigue most people for many years.

Lot Details
Auction Fine Motor cars incl. The Jaguar Legend
Coys, Blenheim Palace,Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PX
Lot Number165
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£32000
Condition rating0
Registration number408EPD
Chassis number482/226267
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors