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Lot 175: BMW M3 Evolution Sports Saloon

Goodwood Revival Sale, Bonhams (15 September 2012)

There had been expensive, limited edition M-Series models before the M3 but it was the latter's arrival that brought BMW's premier performance brand within the reach of less wealthy enthusiasts. The M3 resulted from BMW's need for a car suitable for Group A racing, the rules stipulating that 5,000 should be made in the first year of production. By this time (the early 1980s) BMW's single-overhead-cam slant-four engine would have been hopelessly outclassed on the racetrack so the required power increase was achieved by bolting on a 16-valve cylinder head. Bored out to 93.4mm, the Bosch fuel-injected M3 motor displaced 2,302cc and produced a class-leading 200bhp. Although it looked pretty much like a standard E30 3-Series from a distance, the M3 shared only the bonnet with its less-exotic sibling. Most obvious difference was the wider front and rear wings while only the most observant would have noticed the more steeply raked rear window and raised boot, changes made in the interests of aerodynamic efficiency. Necessary chassis improvements included lowered and stiffened suspension, wider wheels, five-stud hubs, ventilated front brake discs, ABS and a limited-slip differential as standard. The gearbox was a five-speed close-ratio Getrag. The M3 debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 1985 with deliveries of this exclusively left-hand drive model commencing a little over one year later. Magazine road tests were soon reporting top speeds of circa 140mph and a 0-60mph time of around 7 seconds, highly respectable figures even by today's standards. Exported from Germany to the USA in 1989, this M3 went to Japan in 1998 and was restored there to a very high standard in 2005. The M3 came to the UK in March 2010, since when it has been owned by the current vendor, and currently disoays atotal of circa 90,000 kilometes (approximately 56,000 miles) on the odometer. (It should be noted that although 1994 is recorded as date of manufacture on the accompanying Swansea V5C document, the car was actually made in 1989, this issue should be resolved by the time of sale). Described as in generally very good condition, with excellent body and paint, the car also comes with sundry bills and MoT/tax to June 2013. Hartge split-rim wheels and a Nardi steering wheel are the only notified deviations from factory specification (original BMW wheels with car).

Lot Details
Auction Goodwood Revival Sale
Bonhams, Chichester, Goodwood
Lot Number175
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£11500
Hammer Price (inc premium)£13225
Condition rating
Registration numberM385 CRV
Chassis numberWBSAK0316LAE33626
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors2