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Lot 408: Terrot Type RGST 'Grand Sport'

Grand Palais Sale, Bonhams (7 February 2013)

The first of what would become the RG series of 500cc overhead-valve sports models was introduced in 1932 as the RSS, which was based on the sidevalve RL of 1931. First seen in October 1930, the RL eschewed the trend towards unitary construction of the engine/gearbox followed by other French manufacturers such as Peugeot, keeping the 'box separate but enclosing it within the crankcase casting (think 1958 AJS/Matchless Model 14/G2, only better). In 1937 the RSS was replaced by the SRES, with enclosed valve gear and single-port 'head, which was followed towards the war's end by the RCMA, a model ordered by the State authorities. When the civilian RGSE emerged in 1946, it looked pretty much like its immediate forebear apart from the incorporation of the pushrod tubes within the cylinder barrel casting. One of Terrot's last large four-stroke models, the successor RGST 'Grand Sport' was introduced in late 1948 featuring the combination of a telescopic front fork and plunger rear suspension that characterised machines of the immediately post-WW2 period. Weighing 190kg (418lb), the RGST had a top speed of around 125km/h (78mph). A version with swinging-arm rear suspension  the RGSO  was introduced in 1955. Production ceased in 1957. An older restoration, this Terrot RGST is fitted with special Merat rider's and Dunlop 'Drilistic' pillion saddles. The machine is offered with French Carte Grise normale.

Lot Details
Auction Grand Palais Sale
Bonhams, Paris, France
Lot Number408
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€3200
Hammer Price (inc premium)€3680
Condition rating
Registration number4270 VH 61
Chassis number317489
Engine number309705
Engine capacity (cc)499
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors