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Lot 547: Minerva AG 16hp Falkinnet Tourer 'Project'

Grand Palais Sale, Bonhams (7 February 2013)

Minerva - the 'Goddess of Automobiles' - was the finest make produced by Belgium's once vibrant motor industry. Founded in Antwerp in 1897 by Dutchman, Sylvain de Jong, Minerva began life as a bicycle maker, swiftly diversifying into the manufacture and supply of proprietary motorcycle engines before building its first powered automobile around the turn of the 20th Century. De Jong set up Minerva Motors SA in 1902 and thereafter his company progressed from being a manufacturer of engaging 'driver's cars' to one that looked more towards the chauffeur-driven carriage trade. Swiftly back on its feet following the German occupation of WWI, Minerva returned to making large, luxurious motor cars. Smaller Minervas appeared: a 2.0-litre four in 1923 and a similar-sized six in 1927. Larger models continued to be a speciality but hard times lay ahead for the world's luxury car manufacturers. Minerva's fortunes declined steadily and in October 1935 it merged with Belgian's only other surviving motor car manufacturer, Imperia. Minervas continued to be made for another year or two and after WW2 the company produced Land Rovers under licence for the Belgian Army. This Minerva AG dates from 1926 and is powered by a 2,255cc four-cylinder engine. Sold strictly as viewed, the car is presented in partially dismantled form and is offered for restoration. Accompanying documentation consists of a Belgian customs receipt.

Lot Details
Auction Grand Palais Sale
Bonhams, Paris, France
Lot Number547
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€10000
Hammer Price (inc premium)€11500
Condition rating5
Registration number
Chassis number43231
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors