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Lot 548: Minerva C22 'Tout Terrain' 4x4

Grand Palais Sale, Bonhams (7 February 2013)

Lacking the resources to produce a new car of its own after WW2, Minerva engaged in a series of collaborations with British manufacturers, assembling the Standard Vanguard saloon under license and then concluding a deal with Rover for the assembly of Land Rovers for the Belgian Army. The 80"-wheelbase Land Rovers were supplied as 'CKD' (Completely Knocked Down) kits of running gear, which Minerva then bodied in steel to meet the Belgian Army's requirements. British-built Land Rovers had aluminium bodies and there were numerous stylistic differences between the British and Belgian versions. Production switched to the 86" model when that was introduced in 1954, but in mid-1956 the contract between the two companies was terminated. By this time Minerva was also producing a civilian version of the Land Rover but was forced to develop a 4x4 of its own following the break with Rover. This was the 'Tout Terrain', which was made as the short chassis C20 (wheelbase 2.05m) and long chassis C22 (2.20m), the military versions being the M20/M22. Somewhat unusually, the body was of monocoque construction and could be detached in its entirety from the engine/gearbox/front suspension assembly, which was carried on a separate sub-frame. The engine was a 2.3-litre Continental and there was also a diesel option. Very few C20/C22s were made - some sources say fewer than 100 with a mere three C22s - and survivors are very rare. This magnificent condition C22 is offered with Belgian registration papers and factory brochure.

Lot Details
Auction Grand Palais Sale
Bonhams, Paris, France
Lot Number548
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€36000
Hammer Price (inc premium)€41400
Condition rating1
Registration number
Chassis number10/002
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors