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Lot 575: Richard-Brasier Type H 1.7litre Twin-cylinder Rear-entrance Tonneau

Grand Palais Sale, Bonhams (7 February 2013)

Henri Brasier left the distinguished Mors concern in 1901 to join Georges Richard in his established motor manufacturing business at Ivry-Port, Seine. Georges Richard and his brother Max had commenced manufacture in the last decade of the nineteenth century with a Benz-type car, later progressing to manufacture a light voiturette under license from the Belgian Vivinus establishment. The arrival of Brasier at Ivry-Port marked a significant advance for the Richard factory, now with prestigious premises at 23 Ave de la Grande Armee in Paris, with the universal adoption of La Systeme Panhard and the manufacture of more powerful cars, highly esteemed among the cognoscenti of the time. The twin-cylinder cars of 1903 featured a forward mounted, vertical, single-cylinder engine with bore and stroke of 104x100mm., displacing 1.7 litres, with atmospheric inlet valves and mechanical exhaust valves. Shaft final drive was adopted at a time when so many rivals clung to the more troublesome chain drive and the oiling system is the well-proven dashboard-mounted Dubrulle oiler, pressurised by exhaust gases. In all the Richard Brasier of 1903 represented state of the art motoring and a serious challenger to its 7hp Panhard contemporary  today so fashionable and relatively more expensive. Although the full history of this car is not confirmed, paperwork on file suggests it was first registered in Holland in April 1903. Now offered from a distinguished private collection in the UK the car is smartly presented in maroon and black livery with gold coach lining and the four-seater, rear-entrance tonneau coachwork is furnished with black leather upholstery and equipped with front and rear tonneau covers. Fabulous brass accessories include Lucas Kinglite acetylene headlamps and Lucas Kings Own oil sidelamps with a Lucas oil rear lamp. The car carries a VCC Dating Plate, VCC member's badge and a useful umbrella basket and sits on 815x105mm. wheels/tyres which give this car a more comfortable top gear gait. The car was officially dated 1903 by The Veteran Car Club of Great Britain in 1997 and identified as a 12hp model. The Dating Certificate no.2162 is offered with the car. This desirable veteran is currently running on a Zenith carburettor and later coil ignition for enhanced performance although these modifications are easily reversible should a new owner locate a suitable magneto and carburettor. Richard-Brasier Car No. 17 is eminently suitable and eligible for the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run in England and so many other prestigious events on the Continental mainland. We are told the car starts and drives easily and runs strongly. It comes with an interesting history file and UK registration document.

Lot Details
Auction Grand Palais Sale
Bonhams, Paris, France
Lot Number575
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating0
Registration number
Chassis number17
Engine number546H
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors