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Lot 602: Rolls Royce 40/50hp Phantom II Sedanca de Ville

Grand Palais Sale, Bonhams (7 February 2013)

The Phantom II was introduced in 1929 as a successor to the New Phantom (retrospectively known as the Phantom I) with deliveries commencing in September of that year. Unlike its predecessor, which inherited its underpinnings from the preceding 40/50hp model, the Silver Ghost, the Phantom II employed an entirely new chassis laid out along the lines of that of the smaller 20hp Rolls-Royce. Built in two wheelbase lengths - 144" and 150" - this new low-slung frame, with its radiator set well back, enabled coachbuilders to body the car in the modern idiom, creating sleeker designs than the upright ones of the past. The engine too had come in for extensive revision. The PI's cylinder dimensions and basic layout - two blocks of three cylinders, with an aluminium cylinder head common to both blocks - were retained, but the combustion chambers had been redesigned and the 'head was now of the cross-flow type, with inlet and exhaust manifolds on opposite sides. The magneto/coil dual ignition system remained the same as on the PI. The result of these engine changes was greatly enhanced performance, particularly of the Continental model, and the ability to accommodate weightier coachwork. Highly favoured by prominent coachbuilders, the Phantom II chassis provided the platform for some of the truly outstanding designs of its day and this example carries rare sedanca de ville coachwork by Fernandez of Boulogne-sur-Seine, France. In his authoritative work, 'Rolls-Royce  The Derby Phantoms', Lawrence Dalton records that experimental chassis number '24EX' was completed in June 1929 with saloon coachwork by Barker and re-bodied by Fernandez in 1931; the car is pictured on page 268 carrying the Fernandez body and French registration plates. Accompanying copy chassis cards state that '24EX' was originally made in left-hand drive form and following an accident was rebuilt to broadly 'N2' specification in the factory Repair Department mid-1931. The car was despatched from the Repair Department on 29th August 1931, to Fernandez in France. Purchased by the current long term owner we are advised that '24EX' was totally restored between 1981 and 1983, mechanicals and electrics included, and since completion has covered only 100 kilometres, spending the rest of the time in heated and dust-free garage storage. The car has been refinished in its original colour scheme of yellow with black wings and roof, and re-upholstered in brown leather to the front compartment and grey cloth to the rear. There is a moveable glass division between the two compartments, the rear being equipped with two folding occasional seats. This rare, Derby-built, left-hand drive Phantom II is offered with French Carte Grise.

Lot Details
Auction Grand Palais Sale
Bonhams, Paris, France
Lot Number602
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price€120000
Hammer Price (inc premium)€138000
Condition rating
Registration number
Chassis number24EX
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors