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Lot 137: Rolls-Royce Phantom II All-Weather Tourer


In the inter-war era Rolls-Royce set new standards with its Phantom series; it was achieved in typical RR tradition, not by making great technical breakthroughs, but by using the very best of proven technology. One could argue that various Hispano-Suizas had more advanced specifications, but one has to note that many of them are now fitted with Rolls-Royce gearboxes. There were no weaknesses in the cars which Rolls-Royce made which is why, when the company began to use the slogan, 'The Best Car in the World' it was regarded as measured opinion backed by solid collateral. The Phantom II, introduced in 1929, was the last model designed under the close personal supervision of Henry Royce himself, working from his villa in the South of France. Between 1929 and 1935 around 1,770 of these chassis were built, being available in 144in and 150in wheelbase lengths, the former being used for the Continental models. Power was increased by raising the compression ratio, weight reduced by 200lb and road holding and handling greatly improved by adopting semi-elliptic rear suspension. These chassis were very popular with the major coachbuilders of the day as they allowed for truly generous proportioned coachwork , and some truly glorious cars were made as a result. This magnificent Rolls-Royce Phantom II was originally commissioned by Mrs WW MacLellan of Balfron, Stirlingshire, on 19th October 1929 with the completed chassis delivered to the royal coachbuilders Hoopers on the 18th February 1930 for the build and fitting of all an weather touring coachwork. Among the elaborate specification was included folding, disappearing side-screens into the doors, Auster rear screen, touring trunk with fitted travelling cases and twin tray Rolls-Royce tool boxes which are still complete and accompany the vehicle, just to mention just some of the special items ordered by Mrs MacLellan. Sadly she did not live long enough to take delivery of her new Rolls-Royce, so that it was the first registered owner, Mr GW Mutter of Glasgow, who took delivery of this magnificent touring car on the 18th October 1930, and retained the car until it passed to its current owners in 1970; thus this unique car has had only two registered owners for its entire 83 years when purchased from Mr Mutter in its original and superb condition. Within its extensive history file, are copies of the Rolls-Royces' MoT certificates going back to 1967 to date. Amusingly on the first two certificates there was no provision to record the mileage, however by 1972 while in the hands of its current owner, the MoT confirms its original mileage of just under 54,000 miles from new. As one would expect after such a low mileage from new this wonderful car still retains its original features throughout, with the only cosmetic attention being the fitting of new carpets, a hood and front seat covering. Early in its current owners stewardship, merely to suit his personal taste, the Rolls-Royce was repainted from its first colour of Mason Black, to dark green bodywork with complementing black wings; otherwise all the leather work, trunk, suitcases etc. are as they left Hoopers in 1930. A superb achievement, and a testament to the quality of Hoopers handiwork, and to the car, and to the attention this extraordinary vehicle has received from its two owners during its life. Additionally, its current owners commissioned a comprehensive engine strip down and rebuild in 1996/7, only some 1,500 miles ago, which included the fitting of a all-important new cylinder head and blocks; detailed engineering work was done by the well known Rolls specialist Brunts, with the stripping down and re-assembly carried out by well respected Rolls-Royce engineers EW Lucas, Bournemouth. In the interests of safety, it has also been completely re-wired (with the correct type of wiring), to mention only a little of the maintenance and care that has been lavished on this splendid machine over the years. Copies of original chassis records, copies of all relevant bills and photographs of the work carried out by its current owners, along with V5 and original buff style log book accompany this vehicle in its impressive history file. This extremely handsome and sporting open-touring Rolls-Royce which is in irreplaceable mainly original condition would be a wonderful addition to any serious Rolls-Royce collectors stable and ideal for the many touring rallies available to enthusiasts of the Marque.

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Coys, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxfordshire, OX20 1PX
Lot Number137
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Registration number11 NOU
Chassis number4 GN
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