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Lot 201: Volvo 340 DL

Auction of Cars, Historics at Brooklands (31 August 2013)

The Volvo 300 Series was launched in the Netherlands shortly after Volvo acquired a major stake in the passenger car division of DAF in 1973. The series consisted of the Volvo 340 (initially badged as the 343/345) and the later Volvo 360. It was fitted with a 1.4 litre Renault engine in the front and DAF's radical Variomatic continuously variable transmission unusually mounted in the rear, helping weight distribution.  The third digit designating the number of doors was dropped from model designations in 1983. Like other Volvos, the 340 embodied many ground-breaking safety features which have since become standard on most cars. Sales began at a low level but gradually increased as the line-up expanded with 1983 marking the first year that 300-series production broke the 100,000 barrier. They are robust and mechanically simple (and therefore easy to maintain). Even the unpopular Variomatic transmissions are reliable given proper care with the engines quite durable. The Volvo 300 has experienced something of a renaissance in recent years with a number of very active websites across Europe. A strong, young following has developed attracted by a rear wheel drive car which is very cheap to buy, insure and relatively easy to work on. Presented in silver with a contrasting blue cloth interior, this one owner car was registered on 1st May 1979 and used for just one year before being parked up and left. The recorded mileage is thought to be correct at 4,796 and this time-warp example will require some re-commissioning before use.

Lot Details
Auction Auction of Cars
Historics at Brooklands, Weybridge
Lot Number201
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£896
Condition rating2
Registration numberDBY 466T
Chassis number429145
Engine number14100034733
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors