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Lot 333: Porsche 911 2.7-Litre Coup�

The Beaulieu Sale, Bonhams (7 September 2013)

A 'modern classic' if ever there was one, Porsche's long-running 911 arrived in 1964, replacing the 356. The latter's rear-engined layout was retained, but the 911 switched to unitary construction for the bodyshell and dropped the 356's VW-based suspension in favour of a more modern McPherson strut and trailing arm arrangement. In its first incarnation, Porsche's single-overhead-camshaft, air-cooled flat six engine displaced 1,991cc and produced 130bhp; progressively enlarged and developed, it would eventually grow to more than 3.0 litres and, in turbo-charged form, put out well over 300 horsepower. The first of countless up-grades came in 1966 with the introduction of the 911S, the latter easily distinguishable by its Fuchs five-spoked alloy wheels and featuring a heavily revised engine. A lengthened wheelbase introduced in 1969 improved the 911's sometimes wayward handling, and then in 1970 the motor underwent the first of many enlargements, from 2.0 to 2.2 litres. In 1974 all 911 variants received the 2.7-litre unit, hitherto reserved for the Carrera, when the latter went to 3.0 litres. Although in non-Carrera tune the 175bhp (DIN) 2.7-litre unit made slightly less power than the old '2.4', it had been skilfully reworked to produce significantly more torque over a much wider rev range and offered noticeably improved acceleration. Coupled to tolerance of low-lead petrol, vastly superior fuel consumption and increased tank capacity, the new 911 proved superior to its predecessor in every way as a fast, long-distance tourer. Originally delivered with unloved Sportmatic semi-auto transmission, this right-hand drive 911 was fitted with the current and contemporary Type 915 five-speed manual gearbox by a previous owner. A matching numbers car with factory-fit electric-sunroof, 'LYL 80P' comes with Porsche certificate confirming manufacturing details, while bills dating back to 1989 relate to maintenance and restoration. During the vendor's ownership various modifications have been corrected and improvements made, including re-trimming the front seats (originally tweed vinyl) in full leather, installing new carpets and headlining, and fitting period-correct Fuchs alloy wheels and OEM fog lamps (though impressive, the '911S' badge on the engine cover is inaccurate). The result is a tastefully renovated and very correct 1970s 911, which has become quite rare. Circa 65,900 miles have been covered from new and the 2.7 engine is said to start and run well, while the clutch was replaced only 4,000 miles ago. Recorded by a series of images on a CD within the history file, the renovation was completed in March 2013, although the mirrors have yet to be 'powered' and are currently inoperative. Offered with sundry invoices, current MOT and Swansea V5C registration document, this 911 can be enjoyed as is - in classic 1970s 911 spec - or could always be employed as the bodily restored basis for an 'RS Evocation' from the same era.

Lot Details
Auction The Beaulieu Sale
Bonhams, Hampshire, UK
Lot Number333
Outcome NOT SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating2
Registration number
Chassis number9116300772
Engine number6369169
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors