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Lot 367: Talbot-Lago T120 3.0-Litre Sports Saloon

The Beaulieu Sale, Bonhams (7 September 2013)

In October 1934 the new Talbot-Lagos - T120 (3.0-litre) and T150 (4.0-litre) - were among the sensations of the Paris Auto Show. To create the former, Tony Lago installed his new 3.0-litre engine, in its lesser state of tune, in the lowered chassis of the T110. This cast-iron 'six' would form the mainstay of the range up to WW2. It featured a four-bearing crankshaft and pushrod operated overhead valves, which were arranged in line. The T120 was available in two different wheelbase lengths: the 120" version carrying the same bodywork as the T110 while the 130" long-chassis T120 used the conventional frame of the superseded MF75. There was also a longer limousine version. The T120 came with a four-speed Wilson pre-selector gearbox as standard while other chassis features included independent front suspension, semi-elliptic rear springs, an open prop shaft, spiral bevel back axle and hydraulic dampers. With 80bhp on tap, the 'short' T120 was good for a top speed of 75mph with the 'long' version only a couple of miles per hour slower. Right-hand drive like all pre-war French cars of high quality, this T120 is offered for sale by Bill Barrott, the now retired professional restorer who has had more experience of Talbot-Lago cars than anyone else. Bill has owned three Talbot-Lagos, built three ultra-accurate replica racers and worked on countless others. Had the car offered here been restored for a customer, the rebuild would have cost them in excess of 90,000. There are, of course, no invoices but there is a full photographic record on file and the car also comes with current MoT/tax and Swansea V5C document. Bill bought the T120 from France in 2007 from a M Champeval of Beaune, and following a six-year restoration registered it as '188 YUM' in January 2013. Its previous history is not known. The rebuild involved a total restoration of the body, mechanicals, interior, instruments, lights, etc. Bill has kept the car standard while incorporating sensible upgrades: alternator electrics, electric cooling fan, expansion bottle, auxiliary fuel pump, flashing indicators and hazard warning lights. The wheels have been changed to 17" diameter as tyres are no longer available in the original size. The only T120 berline (saloon) listed in the Club Talbot register, this beautifully restored French thoroughbred has covered only six miles since completion and is presented in excellent condition. Saleroom notices The Engine no. is 85078 not as stated in the catalogue.

Lot Details
Auction The Beaulieu Sale
Bonhams, Hampshire, UK
Lot Number367
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£30500
Hammer Price (inc premium)£35075
Condition rating2
Registration number188 YUM
Chassis number84556
Engine number85087
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors