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Lot 436: Sunbeam-Talbot 90 'MkI' Drophead Coupé Project

The Beaulieu Sale, Bonhams (7 September 2013)

A short-lived marque created after Rootes' acquisition of both Sunbeam and Talbot in the 1930s, 'Sunbeam-Talbot' first appeared on a car - the 10hp Sports Saloon - in 1938. The 'Ten' reappeared in 1945 but it was not until 1948 and the arrival of the Sunbeam-Talbot 80 and Sunbeam-Talbot 90 that Rootes produced its first new designs of the post-WW2 era. The '80' employed an overhead-valve version of the 1.2-litre Hillman Minx engine while the '90' used a similarly upgraded 2.0-litre Humber Hawk engine. Both models featured a modified Sunbeam-Talbot 2-Litre chassis. A works rally programme was the driving force behind Sunbeam-Talbot developments, this policy bearing fruit in 1950 with the introduction of the independently-front-suspended MkII. The engine was enlarged from 1,944cc to 2,267cc at the same time, with maximum power increasing from 64bhp to 70bhp. This Sunbeam-Talbot 90 'MkI' drophead coupé was purchased two years ago from the estate of the late Len Barton of Farncombe, Surrey having been garaged – it is believed – since the mid-1960s. The car had been despatched from the factory on 15th May 1948 to distributors CMG Ltd and was first owned by a Mr R Regan of Farnham, Surrey. Described as completely original, 'OPD 528' is offered for restoration and sold strictly as viewed. Some bills and a repair manual come with it but there are no registration documents.

Lot Details
Auction The Beaulieu Sale
Bonhams, Hampshire, UK
Lot Number436
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price-
Hammer Price (inc premium)£690
Condition rating5
Registration numberOPD 528
Chassis number3802859
Engine number
Engine capacity (cc)
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors