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Lot 211: Cymota Cycle Attachment

Classic Vintage Cars & Motorcycles, Brightwells Auctioneers and Valuers (27 November 2013)

Advertised as the cheapest form of transport in the world  250 miles per gallon; 9 miles for 1 penny, the Cymota cycle attachment was made in Birmingham by Cymota Motor Components from 1950 to 1952. Basically a copy of the French-made VeloSolex 650 (45cc; 0.3hp), it had a distinctive 'fencer's mask' hinged engine cover and could easily be fitted to any bicycle. Available in five different colours, it had Miller magneto ignition, an Amal 12mm carb and a 1.7-litre fuel tank. Simple to operate with no clutch, no gears and only one control, the accelerator, it was capable of speeds up to 25mph and cost just 19 Guineas including dynamo lighting equipment. Sadly for Cymota though, when the first mopeds started to appear and the government removed the tax concessions that had made cycle-motors so cheap, most were quickly relegated to the garden shed and it is thought that no more than 200 Cymotas were sold in total. This particular Cymota retains its original green paintwork and headlamp and is currently fitted to a gent's Raleigh cycle with 3 -peed Sturmey Archer gears and Hercules leather sprung saddle. Unused for many years and being sold strictly 'as seen' with no documentation, it is nonetheless a fascinating relic from the austere world of the early 1950s and could doubtless be returned to working order with very little effort. The perfect device for post-crash austerity Britain today!

Lot Details
Auction Classic Vintage Cars & Motorcycles
Brightwells Auctioneers and Valuers, Herefordshire
Lot Number211
Outcome SOLD
Hammer Price£700
Hammer Price (inc premium)-
Condition rating5
Registration number
Chassis number
Engine numberA3720
Engine capacity (cc)45
Engine - cylinders
Number of doors