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Ivor Searle Ltd

Ivor Searle offer reconditioned and remanufactured engines, cylinder heads, gearboxes and turbos.
Ivor Searle also supplies used engines and AMC cylinder heads around the UK.

Why buy Reconditioned, when you can have re-manufactured engines and car parts including cylinder heads and turbos?

Ivor Searle offers a unique service for the remanufacture of cherished British makes: Austin, Austin Healey, Daimler, Ford, Jaguar, MG, Mini, Morris, Rover and Triumph.

Our specialist remanufacturing skills and modern equipment allow us to refurbish classic engine models to tighter tolerances and finer surface finishes which, in turn, give improved emissions, increased reliability, longer service life and enhanced performance. All engines are remanufactured to the BS AU257:2002 Code of Practice.

Every engine is converted so that it can run on either unleaded or leaded fuel and is validated in purpose-built test cells prior to dispatch.

We also produce increased performance engines for this group of classic British makes. We manufacture our Ivor Searle Power Plus engine range by utilizing a combination of over-boring, cylinder head and camshaft modification, dynamic balancing and performance components.

Along with complete engine rebuilds we also offer machining services on component parts.
Contact Details
Address: 2 Regal Lane
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)1353 720531
Fax: +44 (0)1353 720362

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  • Parts
  • Repair
  • Engine parts & specialists
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