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Messrs Ward and Avery bought the rights to the prewar Carden Monocar and began to build it in the former Carden factory.  The bodies were made of plywood, mahogany or compressed paper, and were supplied by the Thames Valley Pattern Works.  Several hundred of these were made, and also about 50 of the Bi-car, which had tandem seating for two, Jap or Blackburne engines and Sturmey-Archer gearboxes.  For 1921 the Bi-car had side-by-side seating and was renamed the Runabout.  The Monocar was dropped after 1922 and the Runabout was the only model offered up to 1924, after which the company said that they were making cars to special order only.  It is most unlikely that any A.V.s were built after 1924, though the company remained in business for many years.  At first they were Jowett agents, and after Jowett's demise they turned to selling Rootes Group products.

Models produced by A.V.

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