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Ernest Edward Baguley was a locomotive engineer who founded the Ryknield Engine Co. (later Motor Co.) at Burton-on-Trent in 1903.  Burton was, and still is, a centre of the brewing industry, and Baguley was financed by A. Clay, a director of the Bass brewery.  Ryknield trucks were widely used by Bass and other Burton breweries.  After a spell with B.S.A. for whom he designed their first 4-cylinder cars, Baguley returned to Burton and began to make cars under his own name in the former Ryknield factory.  Designed on similar lines to those of the B.S.A. the Baguley was a conventional car with 3306cc 15/20hp 4-cylinder side valve engine, 4-speed gearbox and worm drive.  It was made with 2- or 5-seater bodies and as a limousine.  There was also a Colonial tourer with higher ground clearance.  Only 84 Baguley cars were made up to World War I, though two smaller cars were made in the same factory, the Ace and Salmon. 

The Baguley was revived briefly after the war as the AE 20/25hp.  An extra 3mm of bore gave a capacity of 3530cc, but otherwise the design was unchanged.  It had little appeal in the postwar market, and only four or five were made.

Models produced by Baguley

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