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1899 - 1903

Bardon motorcars were noted for their unusual engine and transmission system for which Louis Bardon had obtained a patent in 1899. The Automotor Journal noted that: "The arrangements for the propelling gear … differs materially from any that we have seen before, the motor having one cylinder and two pistons …". The engine was placed horizontally across the chassis with the drive being taken from each crankshaft, each of which had two small flywheels, and thence to a transverse gear system with chain drive to the rear wheels. Unorthodox or not, the cars performed well enough, and a two-cylinder version appeared in 1901. However, the system could not be adapted to a vertical layout which car buyers soon came to demand and despite merging with the makers of the Gaillardet proprietary engine business, the enterprise proved to be unsustainable.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Bardon

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