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Alphabetically we meet Monsieur Clément-Bayard here, prior making his acquaintance when he was plain Adolphe Clément, and so come to the later part of his business career before that of his earlier commercial activities. One of his factories was in the twin town of Charleville-Mézières, the latter having been defended in the early 16th century by Chevalier Bayard, a fearless knight of irreproachable character whom Clément admired. He added the Bayard name to his own and when in 1903 he parted from the Clément-Gladiator concern (that confusingly continued to build cars using the Clément name) the cars made by his new enterprise were variously known by the names Clément-Bayard, Bayard-Clément, or just plain Bayard. Adolphe was a keen supporter of motor racing but after his son Albert was killed in practice for the 1907 French Grand Prix his enthusiasm for the sport, not surprisingly, declined.

Besides automobiles, Clément-Bayard also manufactured aero engines, dirigibles, and aeroplanes, and he became immensely wealthy as a result. Notwithstanding his own personal fortune, the production cars that bore his name were aimed at the middle-class market, being mostly of small to medium capacity and well engineered. Clément-Bayard retired in 1914 at the age of sixty and the business did not long survive his departure.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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