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Established in East London in 1888 Brown Brothers initially supplied accessories and components to the cycle trade. Ten years later 'Brown' motor-tricycles and then quadricycles using Perfecta components and De Dion-Bouton engines appeared in their catalogue, together with every conceivable motoring accessory. A flirtation with the Brown-Whitney steam car was unsuccessful but by 1901 sales of Brown petrol cars and motorcycles had overcome this slight setback. Quite who made the cars for them is not entirely clear, but the chain-driven 1903 models look remarkably like the products of Star of Wolverhampton. From 1904 Aster and Coventry-made Forman engines were used and in 1908 a new range of cars under the Albruna name was launched.

The firm's principal business was always that of 'motor factors' and their superbly illustrated catalogues full of lamps, horns, and parts of every conceivable type are now collectors' items. Today Brown Brothers is part of the Dana Group and still supplies the motor industry and associated trades.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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