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Conceived in a ‘boom’ era when supercars were in the ascendant, the Cizeta was originally called the Cizeta-Moroder after the founder (ex Lamborghini engineer Claudio Zampolli) and the initial finance provider (music producer Giorgio Moroder). Stylistically, it strongly resembled the Lamborghini Diablo, perhaps not surprising since Marcello Gandini designed both cars. The Cizeta made its mark because of its mid-mounted engine: a V16 unit of 6.0 litre capacity, with 64 valves and 519bhp. The car was soon renamed V16T to signify the engine and transmission layout, the 5 speed transaxle being mounted at right angles to the engine. A light redesign occurred in 1992, but its very high price and a lack of customers it is thought that no more than 12 were built in all.

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