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Three-wheelers played an important role in the development of the car.  The three-wheeler made by Cyklon, the Cyclonette, was something really special.  The engine was located above the single front wheel, a construction which the factory also used for motorcycles.  The first three-wheelers were powered by a 450 cc one cylinder two-stroke engine that delivered 3.5 bhp.  The 1926 Cyklon 9/40 was fitted with a 2,340 cc six-cylinder side valve engine.  Unfortunately, the factory did not survive the recession.  It had to close its doors in 1931.

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The Cyklon Maschinenfabrik of Berlin began making motorcycles in 1901, these being copies of the French Werner design with a single-cylinder engine attached to the front forks and driving the front wheel by belt. Two years later the firm launched the three-wheeled 'Cyklonette', which drew on the layout of the motorcycles, having the machinery over the tiller-steered front wheel. The 3½hp engine drove the front wheel via a two-speed gear and chain, and apart from the hand-brake lever all the controls were on the tiller. With a two-seater body suspended on C-springs, the Cyklonette was simple but effective. Two-cylinder versions soon followed and remained in production until 1922.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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