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Gwynne was an old established engineering company based in Chiswick, London, that made cars between 1922 and 1929. It was set up by Nevile Gwynne, brother of Rupert and Roland Gwynne.

Gwynne Engineering was founded in 1849 and during World War 1 made Clerget rotary aircraft engines. In 1920 they got an order to make engines for the 12 hp Albert car and in 1922 bought the company and moved production to their Chiswick works. In 1923 the name of the car was changed to Gwynne-Albert and the engine enlarged to 14 hp.

In 1922 they started to make a small car, the Gwynne Eight, based on the design of the Spanish Victoria car. This had an 850 cc 4 cylinder overhead valve engine producing 24 bhp. Financial problems arose in 1923 and a receiver was appointed but production continued. About 2250 examples of the Eight were made.

A larger model, the Gwynne Ten was offered from 1927 and about 600 were made before production ceased in 1929.

Models produced by Gwynne

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