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Hanzer Frères, from the Paris suburb of Petit-Ivry, were first noted in December 1899 at the Salon du Cycle selling 'Automoto' tricycles made in Saint-Etienne. In mid-1900 a front-engined shaft-drive Hanzer voiturette was on offer, almost certainly made by other hands. By 1902 a further small two-seater Hanzer motorcar could be bought, fitted with a front-mounted 5hp Aster engine and shaft-driven through a Bozier two-speed epicyclic gear-train. This particular pattern does not seem to have been employed by anyone else and so one assumes that the brothers made the car themselves. It was a pretty little machine, with lateral radiators, which gave it somewhat the appearance of a Renault.

The lone Hanzer car known to survive was sold new by the Speedwell Company of Reading and London in 1902.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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