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1902 - 1909

This company was a large-scale maker of textile machinery, and cars were never more than a sideline.  They built a prototype in 1900, powered by a 6hp M.M.C. engine and two years later put on the market a similar light car.  It had a 3-speed gearbox, shaft drive and wheel steering, while the body was a 4-seater tonneau.  For 1903 the Horbick had a 12hp 2-cylinder Forman engine, and for 1904 they went to Johnston, Hurley & Martin for a 2-cylinder power unit for the Horbick Minor.  In 1905 they changed engine suppliers again, turning to White & Poppe which powered some of their best-known cars.  These included the Minor, now with a 10/12hp 3-cylinder engine, the Major with 4-cylinder 15/20hp engine and the 18/24hp six of 1907.

Horbick also made taxicabs and it was an order for 2000 of these for London, which ironically brought about the end of car making.  Faced with the choice of expanding cars to the detriment of textile machiners, the diretors decided to stick to the business they knew best.  They declined the taxi order 'with thanks' and closed the car division.  They remained in the textile business at least into the mid-1950s.

 Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

Models produced by Horbick

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