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Hurst & Lloyd



George Hurst had workshops in High Holborn, London.  A model maker by profession, he started building small horizontally opposed two cylinder petrol engines with his partner Lewis A. Lloyd in the 1890's.

In 1897, they fitted one of their engines beneath the floorboards of a belt driven car and called it the Hurst & Lloyd.

A few cars were built and in 1898, they moved into a small workshop in Wood Green where a small number of cars were assembled on a one-off basis.

In 1900, George Hurst left the partnership. He was replaced by W. E. Plaister and the remaining unsold Hurst & Lloyd cars were sold as Lloyd & Plaister's.

(see also Lloyd & Plaister / Hurst / Hurst & Middleton)

Models produced by Hurst & Lloyd

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