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Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA)


When Kaiser ceased production of the Manhattan sedan in America, the dies were transferred to Buenos Aires where a contract between Kaiser and the Argentine government resulted in the birth of a new company called Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA). The Argentine government owned 7.8% of the shares in the company and were able to sell the cars at a price considerably lower than the imported competition.

The car was named 'Carabela'.

They were basically the same as the final 2 and 4 door Manhattans produced at the Willow Run plant, but were fitted with 6 cylinder Willy's engines and sturdier suspension to cope with the road conditions in Argentina.

There were a few interior and exterior trim modifications and they had leather upholstery.

In 1962, the Carabela was replaced on the assembly line by licence-built Ramblers.

IKA became the largest private employment company in Argentina and sold Kaiser Jeeps, Renault and British Motor Company vehicles through its subsidiary, SIAM di Tella.

In 1967, Renault purchased a controlling interest in IKA.

Models produced by Industrias Kaiser Argentina (IKA)

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