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1946 - 1951

The reason why the Larmar was one of the narrowest cars in history (measuring just 28in wide) was that it was designed for invalids and the car was sold on its aility to fit through a doorway.  A crude looking single-seater, it was however a significant step up from invalid carriages of the time.  It had a cyclops headlamp, folding hood and a windscreen.  Its 249cc BSA single cylinder engine sat in the rear and drove only one of the rear wheels by chain to a top speed of 35 mph (56km/h).  A slightly improved version, offered with a 350cc was also made up until 1951, when the Larmar's slender appeal had been well and truly overtaken by the times.

Source: The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Larmar

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