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It is no disgrace to never have heard of this make, because despite the fact that it was a General Motors' product, the total number sold was a meagre 35,007.  The car was introduced as model 1930 on 1 June 1929.  In America, it was distributed via the Buick dealer network.  For that matter, Marquette was also manufactured at the Buick factory in Flint, Michigan, although cheaper parts were used.  The six-cylinder engine, for instance, was a 3491 cc side-valve engine which delivered 67 bhp at 3000 rpm.  The car's wheel base was 290 cm and it had 18 inch wheels.

The Marquette was available in six different versions.  Prices ranged from $990 for a two-seater business coupe, up to $1.060 for a five-seater passenger car.  The timing for the launch of the Marquette make was all wrong.  Due to the impending depression, business in Detroit was not what it used to be.  After less than a year, the make was already discontinued. 

General Motors was not satisfied with the sales figures and in January 1930 they put a stop to production.  Which was an unfortunate step, because they were good cars for a reasonable price.

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