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The Birmingham Motor Manufacture & Supply Company began making Rex motorcycles in 1900 and the following year produced a light car. The firm merged with the Allard Cycle Company that had made cars since 1899 and operations were moved to Allard's Coventry factory. In 1902 the business was renamed as the Rex Motor Manufacturing Co. A two-cylinder car was produced, along with a tricar and in 1904 this evolved into the Rexette. By the end of the year the Rexette had wheel steering, a 5hp water-cooled engine, the mechanism was fully enclosed, and with its proper seats the Rexette was considered to be a three-wheeled car, which its 90 guinea price tag endorsed. The model continued until 1906, by which time it had a V-twin engine. Cars continued to be made, using names such as Rex-Simplex, Airex, and Rex-Remo. Little was ever straightforward about this side of the business, but the motorcycles were plain Rex – until they became Rex-Acme in 1922.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

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