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Fritz Scheibler was one of the many German car pioneers, but in contrast to his colleagues who copied French designs and built in Daimler or Benz engines, Scheibler manufactured everything himself.  The first Scheibler left the factory in Aken in 1900 and the model immediately won a gold medal at the Frankfurt car exhibition.  The two-cylinder engine in the front of the car powered the rear wheels via chains.  In 1903, several new models were launched, small Voiturettes with 5 and 12 bhp twins.  A year later, the first larger models were launched with 24 and 35 bhp four-cylinder engines.  These engines were not just used for the passenger cars, but also for the Scheibler trucks.

The last passenger car rolled off the assembly line in 1907.  In those days, truck building was much more profitable.

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