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Scott Sociable


1921 - 1925

This unusual machine was made by Alfred Angas Scott, better known for his 2-stroke motorcycles which he first marketed in 1909.  At the beginning of World War I he was making a sidecar machine gun carrier and from this he developed a 3-wheeler for the same purpose with two wheels in line and the third beside the rear wheel, which gave it the superficial appearance of a sidecar, though it had wheel steering.  The engine was a 578cc 2-stroke twin, and final drive was by shaft to a spiral bevel gear on the offside rear wheel.

The Sociable made its first appearance at the 1920 Olympia Motor Cycle Show.  It was priced at £273 for a 'Family' model, the price was reduced to £215 in 1921 and to £135 in 1923, by which date it had the Austin Seven to compete with.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile 

Models produced by Scott Sociable

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