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Muarice Sizaire designed his first Voiturette in 1905.  This small one or two-seater was very popular in France around that time.  Although Sizaire had designed the model he depended on his friend Louis Nuadin to build it.  The Voiturette was powered by a one, two or four-cylinder engine.

The simple structure of the cars made them an eye-catcher.  For example, the first cars consisted of a mere 420 parts, not including the wooden spokes in the wheels.  In 1903, Renault already needed 413 parts for just one of its experimental, telescopically suspended wheels.  The first Sizaires were already equipped with independent front wheel suspension.  In contrast to most manufacturers, Sizaire and Naudin produced almost all their own parts.  This included not only the engine and the bodywork, but also the carburettor and the radiator.

The company invested a great deal of money in racing, because this generated plenty of free advertising.  In 1906, the Paris factory already employed a work-force of 50.  In that same year, over 100 cars were built.  In 1913, Sizaire left the company.

He went on to found the make Sizaire-Berwick.  In the meantime, Sizaire-Naudin was starting to manufacture more passenger instead of sports cars.  The four-cylinder engines were purchased from Ballot.  After the First World War, the Sizaire-Naudin make sold poorly and in 1921 the board of directors decided to close down the factory.

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