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Frenchman Andre Morin (the AM in the SOVAM name) decided in 1964 to start production of a cheap fast affordable French sportscar like Matra and Alpine Renault. Like the other two manufacturers, the car was made from glassfibre and used mainly Renault components. The windshield came from the Renault Floride/Caravelle, but was turned upside down to create less drag. The mid section of the roof could be removed and stored inside the car. They used Renault engines, varying from the 850cc Renault 4 engine to the 1100 cc Renault 8 engine.  After 145 units, production seized.

SOVAM went into a completely different business, building special trucks for markets on Peugeot and Citroen chassis and later turned to specialize themselves to become a supplier for airport vehicles and special airport constructions.

Models produced by Sovam

1100 VS Targa

1100 VS Targa


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