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Victoria Combination


1898 - 1901

Late in 1898 the French cycle firm La Société Parisienne introduced a tiny front-wheel drive voiturette that it called the Victoria Combination. It consisted of a lightweight two-seater trailer of the pattern known as a Victoria and this was combined with the back axle and running gear from a motor tricycle placed in front of the trailer and tiller-steered. Early examples were powered by a 1¾hp De Dion Bouton engine, but larger engines of this make were soon fitted and for 1901 a water-cooled 3½hp Aster engined model was available. The simplicity of the vehicles and their low price of 2500 Francs (£100) made them popular despite their inherent instability caused by the centre-pivot steering. Some 400 Victoria Combinations are estimated to have been sold by the end of 1901 and around 10 examples are known to survive.

Source: Society of Automotive Historians in Britain

Models produced by Victoria Combination

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