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1922 - 1924

Resembling a motorcycle sidecar on three wheels, the Xtra began life as a monocar powered by a 2 3/4hp single-cylinder Villiers 2-stroke engine, which drove the rear wheel by a 2-speed friction system, in which the driven member drove the wheel rim.  There was no chassis frame, as mechanical items such as the engine, transmission, brakes, and rear suspension were all mounted within tubular metal forks.  The Xtra was priced at £99.75 (95 guineas).  A sideby side 2-seater was added in Novemeber 1922.  It was offered with the choice of single-cylinder Williers or V-twin JAP engines, the latter being priced at £122.85 (117 guineas).  Prices were dropped in 1924, the 2-seater costing only £78.75.  Xtra Cars went into voluntary liquidation in May 1924.

Source: Nick Georgano / The Beaulieu Encyclopaedia of the Automobile

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