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Corvair Performance Portfolio 1959-69

The Corvair was General Motors' answer to the Chrysler Valiant and the Ford Falcon. It came with a rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-six engine that turned out to be heavier than anticipated and affected the handling. Nevertheless there were some interesting variants. The Monza Spyder could be had with high-performance engines and in 1965 there was a new, sporty model called the Corsa. The Corvair was not developed any further and ceased production at the end of the decade. Even so the car still appeals to the enthusiast and has outlived the reputation of the mid-1960s. This is a book of road tests, technical and specification data, model introductions and driver's reports. Models include:- Monza, automatic, 700, 900, Monza Sprint, Monza Spyder, Monza GT, EMPI Monza, Corsa Convertible, Corsa, IECO Corvair, Monza Sport Coupe. 140 pages, 300 illus. SB.
Publication Details
PublisherBrooklands Books
Published date 1/0/0000