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Alfa Romeo SZ Coupe


Produced: 1990-0
Alfa Romeo SZ (1990)

The SZ is primarily a signal that Alfa Romeo is back in business as serious maker of serious cars although the Zagato body puts one in mind of the F1 team owner whose response to a new car was to ask his designer 'What were you smoking when you designed that?'

Apart from the two-seat fibreglass body, which forms part of the unitary construction, most of the car comes from the Alfa Romeo parts bin the engine is a 206bhp version of the 3-litre dohc V6 from the Alfa 164 while floor pan, five-speed transaxle, and suspension come from the Alfa 75, with lower front wishbones, coil springs and transverse links, and a de Dion rear axle on coil springs and trailing arms.  Alfa Romeo claims a top speed of 152mph/243kmh (0-62mph in seven seconds).

Source: Motorbase
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