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Article 'I bought an A4 once, What a smeg!'
Publication Practical Classics October 2006
'I bought an A4 once,  What a smeg!' - Practical classics finds a like-minded soul in ex-Red Dwarf star and old-car obsessive Chris Barrie.
Article Audi A4 1995-2001
Publication Car Mechanics July 2012
Audi A4 1995-2001 - While they don't handle as sharply as as BMW 30series, the Audi A4 compensates with a smooth tide and better interior - and they're almost immune to ruse.  ANDREW EVERETT investigates.
Article Obsessive compulsive disorder - Audi A4
Publication Car December 2007
Obsessive compulsive disorder - Audi A4 - There's not a line out of place on the new Audi A4.  Is that enough to scare BMW?
Article Drives - Clinical excellence - Audi A4
Publication Top Gear December 2007
Drives - Clinical excellence - Audi A4 - Audi's new A4 has all the hallmarks of a wonderfully engineered car.  But, asks Bill Thomas, has the vital ingredient of soul been forgotten?
Article Audi A4 Quattro
Publication MotorSport September 2006
Audi A4 Quattro - Having turned rallying on its head with four-wheel drive, ingolstadt brought the technology to the track.  For a season the A4 Quattro reigned - and then came 1997.
Article The Power and The Glory - Evil Twin - Audi A4 DTM Track Test
Publication Car January 2005
 Audi A4 DTM -The Power and The Glory - Evil Twin -Track Test - If DTM is the toughest tin-top race series on earth, then this year’s championship winning Audi A4 must be the toughest car.  It’s certainly the scariest.
Article Newcomers - Beautiful (to drive) - Audi A4 3.0 TDI
Publication Car November 2004
Audi A4 3.0 TDI - Newcomers - Beautiful (to drive) - Don’t be put off by the facelift - under the skin, the A4 is closer than ever to the excellence of the 3-series.
Article Nip and Tuck - Audi A4
Publication Top Gear November 2004
Nip and Tuck - Audi A4 - The New Audi A4 has received some natty plastic surgery and, says James May, emerged looking like a middle-aged pop star.
Article Giant test - Cabs with brio
Publication Car October 2003
Giant test - Cabs with brio - Pay around £30k for a Cabrio and you can expect more than just the simple pleasure of the wind in your hair: We're talking quality posing kit with the potential for some serious driving. - Audi A4, BMW 330Ci, Mercedes CLK320, Saab 9-3.
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