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Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition


Produced: 1982-1982
Chevrolet Corvette Collector Edition 1 (1982)
This model was essentially an elaborate option package which included a unique colour scheme (Silver Beige Metallic exterior paint with brown pinstripes and brown gradient graphics on the bonnet and side panels; distinctive tri-tone leather on the seats and door panels), a frameless openable glass rear hatch instead of a fixed window (a first for the Corvette, and continued in subsequent years), distinctive finned aluminum wheels, cloissone emblems on the front bumper, rear fuel filler, and steering wheel with crossed flags in the centre and "Collector Edition" in a circular ring around the flags, and dark bronze-tinted removable glass roof panels (T-tops). The Collector Edition also had a higher level of standard equipment that all other 1982 Corvette models, but it shared the same drivetrain -- a 200 horsepower 350 cubic inch (5.7 litre) "small block" V-8 motor with "Crossfire" throttle body fuel injection and the second generation of General Motors' Computer Command Control, and a 4-speed TurboHydramatic automatic transmission with lock-up in all except first gear as a fuel-saving device. Less than 6,000 of the Collector Edition cars were made. They even have a distinctive serial number plate located so as to discourage "forgeries" of a standard 1982 Corvette to be sold as a Collector Edition car.

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