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Article Born for the USA Datsun 240Z
Publication Classic Cars November 2009
Born for the USA- Datsun 240Z - Conceived for the streets of LA, the Datsun 240Z has been stunning the world since 1969 - and an adventure through rugged Yorkshire reveals why.
Article Buying guide - Datsun 240Z/260Z (1969-1979)
Publication Practical Classics June 2007
Buying guide - Datsun 240Z/260Z - Japan's thrilling Z-car serves up a heady blend of cool styling, intoxicating power, sublime handling....and its fair share of rust.
Article Datsun 240Z/260Z
Publication Practical Classics May 2007
Datsun 240Z/260Z
Article Buy a Datsun Z Coupe
Publication Classic Cars June 2006
Buy a Datsun Z Coupe - Every Z performs powerfully on cheap ruunning costs.  From pursist 240Z sports car to lururious 300ZX, prices are on the way up - so buy one now.
Article Style on Trial - Seventies Sporting Coupés
Publication Classic Cars January 2005
Style on Trial - Seventies Sporting Coupés - It’s the era everybody’s talking about, but which car epitomizes the Seventies best? Take your pick from the Ford Capri II 3.0GTS, Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV, Datsun 240Z and BMW 2002Tii.
Article Datsun 240Z
Publication Classic Cars January 2004
Our secret investigation in London's West End revealed how this Sixties Japanese sports car fooled the fashionable into thinking it was a Ferrari. Datsun 240Z
Article Drop Z gorgeous
Publication Practical Classics December 2001
Drop Z gorgeous - Datsun's 240Z became the first real Japanese sports car, out-selling its US and European rivals. But as time, fashion and legislation saw it develop into the 280ZX, did the Z-car lose its edge? Ben Field decides.
Article Buyer's Checklist: Datsun 240Z/260Z
Publication Classic Car Mart January 2011
Buyer's Checklist: Datsun 240Z/260.
Article Buyer's Guide - Datsun 240/260Z
Publication Classic & Sports Car November 2010
Buyer's Guide - Datsun 240/260Z - Japan's world-beating sports coupe is becoming highly sought-after, says Malcolm McKay.
Article Buyer's Guide Datsun 240Z
Publication Classic Car Weekly 11 August 2010
Buyer's Guide Datsun 240Z - Japan began to be taken very seriously as a car production nation in the late 1960s, and this stunning sports car is one reason for that, as IAN SEABROOK reveals.
Article Big Sam
Publication Octane August 2010
Big Sam - Long-time racer Mark Hales is reunited on-track with a past adversary - a Datsun 240Z club racer that has a big reputation and an even bigger personality.
Article Rhapsody in blue
Publication Classics Monthly June 2010
Rhapsody in blue - Owning his perfect Datsun 240Z was unfinished business for Terry Taylor - until now.
Article RAC Rally Datsun 240Z
Publication Octane August 2009
RAC Rally Datsun 240Z- It's more than a restoration it's a detective story! Here's how an extraordinary works Z was made new again.
Article Buying Power - Datsun 240Z/260Z
Publication Classic Car Weekly 25 June 2009
Buying Power - Datsun 240Z/260Z - With the launch of the 240Z/260Z - With the launch of the 240Z, Datsun firmly placed itself on the world stage.  IAN SEABROOK guides you through the oriental Z cars.
Article On the road with...Datsun 240Z
Publication MotorSport May 2007
On the road with...Datsun 240Z - While the British sports car industry limped on in the early 1970s, Nissan reqards the rules with a newcomer that blended power, looks and balanced handling.
Article Restoration Datsun 240Z
Publication Classics Monthly November 2005
Sun arise - Jon Newlyn's 240Z is the oldest known version in the Northern Hemisphere.  In order to bring it back to show winning standards he had to draw on the willing help and expertise of other Z enthusiasts.  Dale Spiller tells chassis 35's story.
Article What's The Worst That Can Happen... When The Japanese Launch A Sport Car?
Publication Classic Car Mart Spring 2005
What's the worst that can happen..when the Japanese launch a sports car? - It takes off in spectacular fashion and outsells every other sports car in the world, that's what.  And that meant bad news for the likes of MG and Triumph in the 1970s, as Paul Guinness reports.
Article Buying Guide - Datsun 240 and 260Z
Publication Octane April 2005
Buying Guide - Datsun 240 and 260Z - Evolutionary in design but revolutionary in placing Japanese sports cars on the world stage, Datsun’s Z cars are as much of a bargain today as they were in 1970.
Article Early Risers
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2005
Early Risers - These three diverse sports coupés made the world take the Japanese motor industry seriously.  Dale Spiller compares Datsun 240Z, Mazda RX-7 and Toyota Celica GT2000.
Article Service Guide - Maintenance Datsun 240Z
Publication Classics November 2004
Service Guide - Maintenance Datsun 240Z - Pretty, yet tough and reliable, the Datsun 240Z changed the way we think about Japanese cars.  Tim Morgan shows you how to keep one in tip top order.
Article Road Test - Datsun 240Z
Publication Classic Car Weekly 9th June 2004
Road Test - Datsun 240Z - Built 1969-73, 2-seater coupé, front-engined, rear-drive GT coupé.
Article Now and Zen
Publication Classic & Sports Car June 2004
Now and Zen - Does Nissan's new 350Z have the magic of its '60s ancestor, the 240Z?  Mick Walsh put both cars the the test and consults the Zedheads.
Article The joy of six
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2002
The joy of six - 246 vs 911 vs 240Z - This trio of six-pots shares only engine capacitiesm differently orientated: Alastair Clements treis all three positions, and asks if Ferrari can be 10 times better than Datsun, and three times better than Porsche.
Article Winter warners
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2001
Winter warners - BGT vs GT6 vs G21 - Alastair Clements cherry-picks a winner from these bargain hardy perennials.
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