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Article American idol
Publication Classic Cars April 2010
American idol - Duesenberg's mighty Model J was dubbed 'the world's finest motor car' and today this example's Tourster styling is the most desirable but does it drive as brilliantly as it looks?
Article In A Class Of Its Own - Duesenberg Model J
Publication Classic Cars November 2004
In A Class Of Its Own - Duesenberg Model J - When a simple Packard would not do, there was only one marque that America’s rich and famous were interested in.  Welcome to the world of Duesenberg.
Article Mr Atlass Body double
Publication Octane April 2009
Mr Atlass Body double- The first owner of the Duesenberg Model J, Leslie Atlass, was invited to exchange its body for one from another car, just a year into ownership.  It was a very good deal.
Article Duesenberg Model J
Publication Octane September 2005
Duesenberg Model J - Arguably the greatest American car ever built, the Duesenberg Model J could be whatever its fortunate owner wanted it to be - racer, roadster or luxury limousine.
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