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Article Ferrari 308 GTB v Ferrari Dino 246GT
Publication Classic Cars December 2011
Ferrari 308 GTB v Ferrari Dino 246GT - The Dino 246 GT is revered for its beauty and delicately tactile driving experience.  Find out how close its Ferrari 308 GTB replacement comes for just a third of the price.
Article Coming of age
Publication Classic Cars April 2011
Coming of age - In period, the Dino was met with suspicion and derision.  But Enzo Ferrari's baby has stood the test of time.
Article Aston Martin DBS Vs Ferrari Dino 246 GT
Publication Classic Cars January 2006
The art of persuasion - Derrari's Dino and Aston Martin's DBS: a svelte mid-engined Italian and a brawny front-engined English GT, pitted against each other by equally contrasting TV playboys The Persuaders! Which one convinces you?
Article Classic Cars November 2001 pg 56
Publication Classic Cars November 2001
Ferrari Dino. Driving the car that defined the mid-engined Ferrari shape in the stunning Italian Alps.
Article Junior's cool
Publication Octane May 2011
Junior's cool - Can the F355 take over the mantle of the Dino as the Junior Ferrari of choice? Time for a shoot-out in the South African sunshine.
Article Buying Power - Ferrari Dino (1967-1974)
Publication Classic Car Weekly 28 July 2010
Buying Power - Ferrari Dino (1967-1974) - The Ferrari desirable Dino is massively desirable - and massively costly to buy and run too.  And as RICHARD DREDGE explains, if you buy rashly, the bills could be extraordinarily large...
Article Ferrari's Junior Supercar
Publication Octane May 2010
Ferrari's Junior Supercar - Ferrari's V8 road car was a huge step forward from the Dino 206/246 - but today the 308 lives in its predecessor's shadow.  Perhaps now is the time for a rethink.
Article Ultimate showdown #10 - Dino 246 vs Porsche 911
Publication Classic & Sports Car December 2009
Ultimate showdown #10 - Dino 246 vs Porsche 911 - Russ Smith is your referee as a pair of all-time greats from Maranello and Stuttgart do battle.
Article Buying guide - Ferrari Dino (1969-1974)
Publication Octane August 2009
Buying guide - Ferrari Dino (1969-1974)- Once the baby of the Ferrari range, the Dino punches above its weight for driving pleasure - and, these days, monetary value too.
Article Divine consolation
Publication Classics Monthly December 2008
Divine consolation- Not everyone can afford an original Dino, so how well does a sub-£20l replica measure up?
Article Prized fighters
Publication Classic & Sports Car April 2008
Prized fighters- In 1973, the Dino was the 'budget' Ferrari and the BB its Zenith, but now little brother leads the way.  Martin Buckley finds out if the number's stack up.
Article Dream machines or money pits?
Publication Classics Monthly January 2008
Dream machines or money pits? - Arguably the most famous name in motoring, but is owning a Ferrari as good as it gets?
Article Front to back
Publication MotorSport November 2007
Front to back- Arriving just before the mid-engineed British upstarts took centre-stage.  Ferrari's Dino 246 was the last front-engined GP winner.
Article Heart vs head?
Publication Octane October 2007
Heart vs head? - On first acquaintance, it's the Dino 246 that excites.  But can a Porsche 911 2.4S overcome the glamour of the Ferrari with its more practical appeal? Only one way to find out.
Article Baby Talk
Publication Octane February 2007
Baby Talk - Thirty years ago, John Simister was tempted to blow his student grant on a half-share in a Ferrari Dino.  He didn't, of course, but will a decent drive in a fine example convince him that he should have done?
Article Siren's call
Publication Classic & Sports Car December 2005
Siren's call - The Dino was meant to be Ferrari's 'affordable' road car but it remains its most achingly desirable.  Sheer driving pleasure clinches it for Martin Buckley.
Article Grand Prix Giants - Ferrari Dino 246 vs Maserati 250F
Publication Octane February 2005
Grand Prix Giants - Ferrari Dino 246 vs Maserati 250F - The last of the great front-engined Grand Prix racers were proof positive that engineering excellence goes hand in hand with physical beauty.
Article Genesis
Publication Classic & Sports Car January 2005
Genesis...   ...a revelation.  Pininfarina’s inspired Berlinetta Speciale led Ferrari into the Garden of Eden.  Jon Pressnell examines the roots of the legendary Dino.
Article Ferrari Love - Ferrari 328 GTS vs Dino 246GT
Publication Classics January 2005
Ferrari Love - Ferrari 328 GTS vs Dino 246GT - The 246GT Dino us often derided as more Fiat the Ferrari, so how does it compare with a ferrari 328? Mike Renaut finds out.
Article My Classic and I
Publication Classic & Sports Car May 2003
My Classic and I - Julian Thomson. 1971 Ferrari Dino 246GT. Thomson's Twin.
Article The joy of six
Publication Classic & Sports Car February 2002
The joy of six - 246 vs 911 vs 240Z - This trio of six-pots shares only engine capacitiesm differently orientated: Alastair Clements treis all three positions, and asks if Ferrari can be 10 times better than Datsun, and three times better than Porsche.
Article Classic Car Weekly 05 December 2001 pg 8
Publication Classic Car Weekly 05 December 2001
Buying Power. Ferrari Dino 246GT. There can't be much more fun than sitting behind the wheel of a Ferrari Dino, the baby of the Ferrari group. But before you buy one, Richard Dredge advises you to check very carefully, and pay particular attention to the engine.
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