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Ford Escort RS Turbo Cabriolet


Produced: 1990-1990, 500 produced.
Ford Escort RS Turbo Cabriolet
Contrary to popular belief Ford did make 500 factory produced Escort RS Turbo Cabriolets. Most people/car ads will tell you that the only way to get a turbo cab is to put the engine in an XR3i, not only is this incorrect it completely misses the point of the rare and unique RS Turbo.

All RS Turbo Cabriolets were made in 1990 of the quality German steel used in the mk 3's as opposed to all other mk 4 Escorts being made of some kind of iron-ore in England!

Only 100 cars were completed in right-hand drive format.  All cars were painted a beautiful, Escort Cosworth type, purpley-blue.  All cars have full leather recaro interior.  They left the factory with 150bhp as opposed to the standard 132bhp for the hard-top.  This was to compensate for the extra weight that all convertibles have. The front and rear bumpers, though still factory RS are slightly more sporty than standard.  The car is 4" longer overall than any other mk 4 Escort!
Source: Motorbase
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