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Ford Escort RS2000 MKII


Produced: 1976-1980
Types: Saloon,2 doors,4 seats
Ford Escort RS2000 Rs (1979)

The Escort Mk II range gained a new RS model in 1976, the Escort RS2000 Mk II. The RS2000 used a 110bhp Pinto engine which meant the car could reach over 110mph. The RS2000 had a unique angled GRP nose panel which contained four headlamps. Alloy wheels on the Custom model gave the RS2000 an aggressive look and the model has now become quite collectable.

Although most RS2000's were built in "Custom" trim a basic RS2000 with steel wheels and no tinted glass was also available from 1978. Production of both types ended in 1980 with the arrival of the new Escort Mk III range.


1993ccS4 OHCFord Pinto90.82mm x 76.95mm0

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