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Produced: 1961-1967, 9346 produced.
The Glas 1004 was introduced in 1961 at Frankfurt.  The Glas 1004 was a medium sized car with a four-stroke engine and not just any four stroke: for the first time ever, the engine had an overhead camshaft driven by a toothed belt.  The engine's capacity was 992 cc but power was initially 42 and later 64 bhp.  The maximum torque was 7m/kg (10.44 ft-lb) at 2,500 rpm, which caused driver's to have to change gear alot.  When many customers found this a disadvantage, Glas introduced the 1204 in 1963, powered by a 1,189 cc engine of 53 bhp and maximum torque of 9.15 mkg at 2,000 rpm. 
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992cc0 0mm x 0mm0


Top Speed0-60SQMMPGEngine PwrComment
0 mph0 s0 mpg42 bhp 0
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