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Produced: 2001-2002
Jensen SV8

It was a two-seater sports model, around the size of a Porsche 911, and was priced at £40,000. Production ceased in 2002, with the company going bankrupt after only a handful of cars were produced.

A contributor to Motorbase advises the following:

The photo of Car Chassis Number 39 the last Jensen built , however a total of only 34 were actually made as some number are missing.

They currently fetch between £30,000 to £37,000 now and are very slowly appreciating in value, SV Automotive actually finished off around 21 further cars and now go up to chassis number 37.


Any remedial works are carried out by SV Automotive and Regen Ltd a Jensen specialist, they currently hold the parts for the vehicles.

Source: Wikipedia
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